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I AM...a Graphic Artist/Photographer. An artistic lil shit that loves to draw, paint, design, create. Recent college graduate. Majored in Communication Design with an emphasis in Visual Design.

I AM...mellow, intricate, witty-I say the darndest things some times :b Love to talk! but also love to listen. Like Toy Story, you've got a friend in me! :D

YOU can find a lot of random things that I like on here but if you follow me-just know that I reblog alot of Graphic art related stuff, art, Rihanna, Gaga, and Nicki Minaj! Any thing that is the color Red, Micky Mouse, Giraffes (my fave animal), funny ish, and sexy guys! I reblog a lot of other's photography (I don't claim any rights to) Although i do blog a lot of my own photos and the ones that i own copyright you will know because they are noted as so.
©Ryan Cuadros Photography

Feel free to reblog as long as you keep my copyright when you reblog. Thank You. Much appreciated.

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Not sure what social app i like most. I think i like all for diff reasons.

Facebook = universal, catch up/stalk old friends pix, watch pointless videos, rant and bitch about what im up to.

tumblr = look at funny memes and gifs. Reblog them. And reblog lots of pointless ish and no one will say heyy stop reblogging soo much.

Instagram = check out every ones DAILY selfies that are thirsty for likes and throwback Thursdays and pix of their food. Lol (actually wait. I thnk this one is like my least favorite lol) i liked instagram when it was actually about photography and beautiful photographs. Now it is like another FB!

Twitter = follow and stalk celebrities ie drag queens etc…and they actually reply back to u.